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Hi, I'm Jackie Le Roux. Mentor, Coach, Speaker, DISC Consultant

We help business grow through innovative tools, empowering high performance, with follow up support.


About Me

Jackie Le Roux

Mentor, Coach, Speaker, DISC Consultant

Jackie Le Roux is Founder and Director of Empower Opportunity. 

After more than 20 years' experience working in the trenches in sales, leadership, recruitment, training, business owner etc, connecting with over 10,000 customers and managing teams of 130 plus, she received several national sales and recruiting awards. 

An accredited DISC Advanced Trainer & Facilitator, Jackie works with business owners pioneers to capitalise on their best asset, their people, empowering their organisations to grow and prosper.

As a passionate story teller and communicator, Jackie is a witty, authentic motivational speaker and teacher, transforming lives one heart at a time.

Jackie recognised patterns of behaviour that kept many talented people stuck and frustrated in achieving their goals and dreams.

This inspired her to mentor people individually and build a worldwide tribe through the Dream Chaser Academy she created, to unlock their full potential and find their wings to fly.  

10% of all profits are contributed to the Empower Opportunity Fund, provides sponsorship for potential Dream Chasers.

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Success Stories

Client Testimonials

We contacted Jackie with the hope that taking a different tack with our people would result in an enthusiastic culture and motivate our team to give our customers a ‘wow’ factor. The DISC profiling and team building we have engaged in has seen far-reaching results. We used the DISC profile to recruit a new Practice Manager that would fill skill gaps in our team and just one month later we are thrilled to have a flourishing, happy and productive team. I would highly recommend both Jackie and her customer service and team building skills and the DISC Advance profiling for all businesses looking to perform better and give their customers the best possible experience.

Sharon Armstrong

I recently completed the DISC Advanced workshop through Embrace Life. As a nutritionist I got a lot out of it not only for myself but also for clinical practice too. The biggest thing with clients is connecting with and understand who they are as an individual. DISC Advanced Program has helped me build rapport and having a good relationship with them my clientelle.

Jess Cheney

I recently completed DISC Advanced program with Jackie. It’s only been 5 days since I did the DISC program, and already it’s made a huge difference in the way that I communicate with Staff. It’s been a huge change, even in my personal life as well. So it’s been an all round great experience for me.

Belinda Rule
Practice Manager

Jackie is an excellent coach. Her passion and enthusiasm made this highly enjoyable, and this, combined with the fascinating material covered in DISC Advanced contributed to a workshop that was engaging from start to finish.

Gina Hattingh
Business Owner

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