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If you want to remove the confusion and fear, and get the clarity, confidence and certainty in your purpose and calling, and transition from your 9 to 5 job or from a COVID19 impacted role, then this practical 7 step Dream Launchers 60-day online Course will help you create a solid roadmap from concept to launch.

Learn the keys to know you have what it takes to earn a sustainable income doing what you love!  Imagine how happy you would feel, to be empowered and fulfilled.

For more information on the Dream Launchers Course roadmap.

No problem my friend, I have you covered.  The reality is, fuzzy dreams cannot come true, that is why clarity and knowing what your true purpose is, is so very important.  This Course will help you get stronger clarity and enable you to focus on the passion and purpose that drives you – you will discover your “true north” and your “why” you are here on this earth.  After you have the clarity, if you follow the step-by-step process, you will then design, develop, and launch your idea.

I have found in my own business, the best way to get clarity and confidence, is to just get started, right now, despite my fear.  This Course will help you to do just that!

I want to you see how you can be financially free whilst fulfilling your dream.

Each week there will be a 1-hour Mastermind, Backstage or Hotseat, Expert Live Webinar, with myself or with an expert along each step of your pathway to success, along with a weekly 1-hour Q & A Facebook Live session with me, fun challenges and more!  There will also be PDF Course downloads that you can complete as you go, with actionable steps and milestones to celebrate along the journey.

These will all be recorded so you can either watch live or access at your convenience and review along the way.

There will also be a couple of weekend Dream Launcher Bootcamps so we can deep dive into the juicy content and get the maximum outcome for you.  These are super exciting and powerful!

In addition, you will also be part of an exclusive Facebook Community where you can get support from your peers and share ideas and ask questions.

This is for anyone who feels stuck in their career, or who are in transition looking to gain clarity on how to best move forward.  

I designed the Course to provide a practical framework to capture your unique calling, overcome self-limiting beliefs, to create your dream business roadmap on how to make your special impact on the world. 

Now is the time to stop just talking about it and start doing my friend!

No problem, just do the best you can, as we all know “life happens”.  I designed this Course to be practical and easy to apply, at your own pace so you can fit it into your busy schedule.

However, you will get the best results if you prioritize time to learn and apply your action steps.  Do not waste another year, just thinking about it, take consistent imperfect action and make it happen, in 2021 – this is your year to SHINE!

There’s a popular Chinese proverb that says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” So, if you want success and growth in the future, the best time to act is now. 

One-on-one Mentoring is also available.  If you want more info, please email me at jackie@empoweropportunity.com.au and I will send through the info pack and together we can see if you are a good fit.

After the Course, you will be offered the opportunity to join the monthly Dream Launcher Academy Membership with other previous Course participants to further master your skills, plus build and grow your business.

Also, feel free to email me any questions you may have along the way, and I will include it in our regular Facebook Live Q & A Sessions.

Just know that you already have the “keys” within you, you just need a mentor and other experts to show you how to unlock your success to change your life.

You get lifetime access to this course, and as long as the Course exists, everything in it is yours!

Payment options are through a secure online, using either Debit/Credit card or Bank Transfer, using Australian currency.  Choose from either a full upfront payment or 3 x split monthly payments.

If you are prepared to complete and submit the work within 14 days of starting, and then still find that this is not for you, you can request a refund.

These are run only a few times a year so we can deep dive and get you launched!  The next time the Course opens is early in 2021.  If you want to be waitlisted and be the first to know when registrations open, please submit your details below and I will keep in the loop!

The Dream Launcher Roadmap

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