Jackie Le Roux

Jackie Le roux

Jackie Le roux

Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?

I can relate to not ever really “fitting’ in or feeling super-confident. as my personality is a bit unique and I am a lateral thinker. That means I can see things from a completely different perspective from most of the world’s population. Now, this can either get me into hot water, or it helps me figure out fresh solutions and perspectives to situations and challenges It can also make me question myself and ask what if I am wrong.

As the middle child, always going against the flow, and my mother expressing her frustration at how “difficult” I was because she could never seem to understand why I was so different and especially independent (or

should I say stubborn lol!). I guess was a bit of black sheep, and even though I tried, I always felt like a round peg in a square hole.

Action creates confidence. not the other way round!

I am a “pioneer” of sorts, someone who has emigrated twice in the space of 11 years. starting from scratch with 2 suitcases and ran a successful beauty business for 17 years on a commission-only basis meeting over 10,000 customers. discovered my unique personality was what made my customers happy and build a strong business. and happy customers meant results, both in income and consistent awards al sales and recruiting. My confidence grew as I started to soar in my strengths. skills and abilities. overcoming my fear bit by bit!

I know first-hand what it feels like to muster up courage regardless of other people’s opinions, my own doubts or even setbacks, and that action creates confidence, not the other way round.

Why be a carbon copy of someone else? I believe our strength and power, is our very uniqueness! Let us embrace and celebrate that.

What makes you unique and different? What are your strengths, skills, talents, and characteristics that make you ‘YOU”? How would you rate your level of confidence on a scale of 1 to 10?

What if I could show how to cover true authentic confidence, that does not go up and down with our feelings, and what the world says?

What if you could truly be yourself, in all your radiant facets and colors. and be the courageous hero in your own life story and earn a profitable income doing what you love?

Well. I have got you covered my friend. Everything you need is here for you to create a customized plan. Take action today to build your confidence and leverage your unique strengths! It is time to stand out! Book your FREE 15-minute Customised Plan Phone Call with Jackie

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