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Jackie Le roux

Jackie Le roux


If people really are our best asset, then why is it at tax time or when there aresurplus funds, some leaders or business owners may choose to invest in equipment and other assets, rather than in their Number One Best Asset, their People?

In my many years’ experience in both corporate and service-based industries, I have often found that many leaders are usually highly skilled technically in their vocation but may not have had the opportunity to be fully trained in their ‘people or communication skills’, such as Personality Types or EQ – Emotional Intelligence.

Their strong technical skills mean they may hire very skilled people, but if they have been placed the incorrect role for their personal strengths and motivators, or there may be gaps in their team where vital tasks are not being covered as effectively as they could be.

This can create a culture of conflict and confusion, and lack of job clarity or satisfaction in your team. Ultimately, we can sometimes see unnecessary high staff turnover, disrupted productivity, and income in your organisation.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. How do you hire the right talent and bring out the unique talents of each team member?

2. How do you communicate more effectively with your team, suppliers and customers?

3. How well does your team communicate and collaborate with one another, and especially with your customers!?

As a leader, actively investing and engaging in all 3 areas are important in ensuring your team members are placed in the best roles to maximise their individual strengths and skills.

Save time, energy and stress having to put out ‘fires’ or constantly train new staff. Your team will be happier, more fulfilled and operate like a well-oiled machine, increasing performance levels and productivity. Customers will feel valued and hopefully become lifetime ‘raving fans!

Get Results that are Real, Impactful and Powerful:

  • Framework to engage your people more effectively
  • Hire the right people and increase your employee retention
  • Advance your top performers
  • Metrics to measure performance
  • Better communication and collaboration, less stress!
  • Increase your sales production and effectiveness

Let me show you can create your dream team with DISC!

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